SnowPark & BikePark - Eau Claire, WI

Eat ice cream…support Pinehurst…it’s that easy.






Eau Claire Dairy Queens have offered to support the Pinehurst Park SnowPark and BikePark by donating 10% of their profits from 5 p.m.-close on the second Thursday of each month at each of their Eau Claire locations. The Hahn family, owners of four Eau Claire Dairy Queens, are excited to support the Pinehurst efforts, with one of their locations located in the park’s neighborhood in the Pinehurst Shopping Center. Their other locations are on Birch Street, Oakwood Mall, and Golf Road.


“We are very thankful for the support and enthusiasm we are getting from area businesses,” says Christian Peterson, Pinehurst Board President. “Partnering with the area Dairy Queens is an excellent way to support our efforts, and we appreciate their commitment to our project.”

The Pinehurst Project is a grassroots group of winter enthusiasts committed to reinventing Pinehurst Park on the north side of Eau Claire into a winter ski, snowboard, and sledding park. More information can be found online